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Massage from the President
代表取締役社長 河野 正樹

Our company explores and develops overseas the uranium resources essential for Japan's nuclear power generation and imports these resources to Japan. The company was established on May 15th 1970 through investments by various Japanese power companies, non-ferrous resources companies, heavy electric companies, trading companies, and banks in order to solve energy issues in Japan by aiming for the stable and secure supply of energy resources which are scarce in this country. We have moved forward thanks to the understanding and cooperation of these companies, and the efforts undertaken now manifest themselves through our current products and resources for development.

Until now, nuclear energy use has served as a global warming countermeasure and is looked to as a resource that will solve issues of poverty and hunger in the future for more than 7 billion people. Japan has certainly contributed to such efforts through its nuclear power industry, which was severely challenged by the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster that occurred on March 11th, 2011.

All members of Japan's nuclear power industry must strive to overcome the ordeal of the disaster by gaining the understanding of citizens and, most importantly, guarantee safety. As a member of this industry, our company contributes to Japan's energy policy, the original purpose of our establishment, and strives to connect such efforts with solving energy issues worldwide. We ask for you continued support and guidance.

Masaki KOHNO

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